My Random Guide


Revealing the Surprise!

I told you about the shock and surprise you’ll experience if you reserve a space and go to the private party.

Notice how I striked out the party about reserving a space?:mrgreen:

It’s time for a real shocking surprise!

You do NOT have to reserve a space to go to the party anymore, but the people who reserved a space already received an email about the private party and all the special information about it on Saturday’s sweet lazy afternoon.

Everyone is welcomed to come to the party, which is now public!

Date: September 22, 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 5:30PM New York Time (convert the time if you live in a different zone)
Flag: UK Flag (there is NO 2)
Room: /room 1


  • /room 1
    • Play with all the other people on SpaceMice!
  • /room *Louder (tribe)
    • Join my tribe and hang out in the tribe house, listening to music and have so much fun!
  • /room survivor1
    • Let’s play survivor, aka the death game, with other SpaceMice mice!
  • /room party
    • It’s the people from our small group in a room, having fun!

We’ll be moving from room to room, so try to arrive on time.

If you know you won’t be able to arrive on time (which I hope not), please leave a comment with your username.

Yes, I know you might notice how I included a website, because this is not going to be on Transformice!

We’re going to a private server called SpaceMice (


I’m going to introduce you to SpaceMice, a private server. It isn’t a hack or anything not safe, which is quite amazing!


1. SpaceMice has the same great environment like the regular Transformice!

There’s a lot of friendly people in each room, usually 15+ people, so you have a crowd of company to interact and talk with!

2. You get free cheese and free fraisies when you join!

There sits 40,000+ cheese and 10,000+ fraisies when you first join SpaceMice. You can shop around for cool items at the Shop and there’s so many cool stuff!

3. The event items are available again!

You can buy the event items (ex; Valentines Day umbrella, Christmas beard, etc.) with cheese or fraisies, and the Easter items are 10 cheese or less! Wow!

4. There’s just so much more!

You get a lot more privileges on SpaceMice, then on the real Transformice.

  • Even if there’s only 5 people in a room, you can still get a first.
  • For every first you get, you get a fraisie!
  • You can get the titles: Snob Mouse, Stylish Mouse, Fashion Mouse, Sexy, SuperStar, etc. easily when you use your cheese and fraisies to buy items!
  • You can change your fur color!
  • There is a mod online almost 24/7, and he cracks up some pretty funny jokes!
  • MORE!


1. HeroMice is basically the same thing as SpaceMice, but…

There are a lot of different things, like how SpaceMice has different furs from HeroMice, but SpaceMice’s furs are really cool. Who wouldn’t want to dress up like the Easter bunny, or Pikachu, or even Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog?

2. HeroMice gives you 99999999999 cheese and fraisies when you join!

That’s a lot of cheese and fraisies… A LOT.

Here are some reasons why I choose SpaceMice over HeroMice though:

  • SpaceMice has cooler furs (ex; Pikachu fur, Easter bunny fur, Tails fur)!
  • HeroMice has a look that I don’t really feel comfortable with, the blue and the links at the top.
  • HeroMice has more pros, so it’s harder to get firsts which leads to > cheese > fraisies.
  • SpaceMice has more friendly people, who come everyday.
  • SpaceMice does not lag as much as HeroMice.

I hope you guys can make it to the party, and have total blast of fun like we had at our Fantage parties!

Feel free to reblog so your audience can also know about both of the amazing private servers, AND also know about the party.