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Loot Palace Review


Looking for a site that can give you free gift cards etc. by doing simple and free things and maybe even fun things? Then you need to sign up at Loot Palace. Most websites that give out free gift cards etc. make you do frustrating, costly, and virus-spreading surveys or downloads to get what you really want. But at Loot Palace, you can get anything you want from Amazon gift cards to video game gift cards easily and there’s no virus-spreading. No scams and no catches. It’s easy as 1-2-3. You will be wanting to write a review for Loot Palace in no time because this website is making wishes come true really fast. Here are the simple steps to get what you want now:

1) Click the wink face to sign up at Loot Palace!😉

2) Start earning points.

3) Redeem at the Rewards page.

From my experience this is a great website to get started on your wishlist of giftcards. You can get fifteen plunder points for just logging in each day which is really easy since Loot Palace is really addicting. There are so many easy ways like tasks provided to you specially by Loot Palace to get over two hundred fifty plunder points without moving your fingers until done then your work will tumble out like magic and you’ll be earning your free prize in no time at all! You can also refer friends by sending them your referral link and I bet you can’t believe this but you will get 10% of all their earnings! For Christmas, you can send your family members your referral link and you can finally say: “The more the merrier everybody! The more the merrier!”. It’s like magic but not a scam. Sometimes you can’t even believe how amazing this website is!

Author: shirlingxu

hi i am shirling and you are beautiful & important!

18 thoughts on “Loot Palace Review

  1. How many points do you have? I only have 48548 now😥

  2. i already knew about loot palace i rarely go on it now

  3. It does seem like at least a few ‘download and install’ .exe program for the offers do contain malware(wether it be spyware, adware, or viruses). Some offers just seem like spam ._. *talking about Gifthulk & Loot Palace* but yeah..Loot’s good.:mrgreen:

  4. Could u tell me why u named your blog My Random Guide? *Puppy Dog Eyes*


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