Free Fantage Accounts

If you’re thinking like why I’m posting about Fantage well it’s because I’m only 10 years old and I like Fantage. ;) But since I don’t know how many people enjoy Fantage related-items I’ll also add a small game for others to play for this post.

Click here to play the “Pointer Point Game”.

Anyways who wants some Free Fantage Accounts? Yes I have tested all of them out so you should get to use them. Anyways here they are!

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35 responses to “Free Fantage Accounts

  1. next time mention its not for internet explorer so i wont click it….it either needs mozilla or google chrome

  2. i have an account that you guys might like….. U: disney_world1 P: Laurenmia1
    i also have another….. U: ashley567981 P: ashley1
    please do not change the pass and dont ban it

  3. hey guys! i wanted to give out a account and here it is username: tatiana530 password: nagham1 and i will give out a boy his name is redcar40 and his pass is hamad123 these accounts work and there r not mine

  4. I’m really pissed cause my account on fantage has been taken by one of my friends in rl (she found out my log in) and posted on one of these websites, someone idk now has taken my account and changed the password :(


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