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Free Fantage Accounts


If you’re thinking like why I’m posting about Fantage well it’s because I’m only 10 years old and I like Fantage. ;) But since I don’t know how many people enjoy Fantage related-items I’ll also add a small game for others to play for this post.

Click here to play the “Pointer Point Game”.

Anyways who wants some Free Fantage Accounts? Yes I have tested all of them out so you should get to use them. Anyways here they are!

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Author: Shir

hi i am shir and i hate myself but i still think im better than everyone else.

22 thoughts on “Free Fantage Accounts

  1. oO so weird. in the pointer game they always have a person pointing to your mouse pointer

  2. haha! 1 time they had NOTHING pointing at my pointer! :D

  3. next time mention its not for internet explorer so i wont click it….it either needs mozilla or google chrome

  4. yea its okie i just wanted to tell u so u knew

  5. I Was playing on my iPad and it had a picture pointing at my finger

  6. om where are the accounts

  7. im exited to sing again

  8. Ermm I dont c the accs

  9. i can’t find the accounts D ;

  10. me to i cant find the acconts.

  11. wow i never new celebrates were on fantage

  12. ….. where are da accountz

  13. ?? never showed the accounts..


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